Zenith:Unknown development diary 6: In which I decide to paint a couple of miniatures and show a hint of the things to come

Kometa corporation style has been defined in the beginning, so the Suka would be painted accordingly
I decided to go with acrylic paint. Not sure if there are actually any other options anyway.

I mean… Just how do you beat or even come close to such fucking level of detail if you are not a bloody robot?!

This is how the world works, get used to it, oh-so-engaged-in-social-activity-but-otherwise-quite-comfy-living princess!

Once more, until I saw the pictures later…



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Pornstache Productions

Pornstache Productions

Solo-dev-obscene-mothefucker-one-man-army. Creator of Deep Space Noir adventure game, Zenith:Unknown board game and a metric shitton of popular media.