Zenith:Unknown development diary 5: The tangible prototype. Or at least the better half of it.

Things are finally print-ready, yay!
Checking them out in SLA slicer as well

In the meantime, board design was complete too.

  1. A board prototype, basically 550x550 mm plywood square with 144 small squares cut into it;
  2. 8 3D printed ship and shuttle miniatures.

Still, I am not exactly willing to pay a quarter of a K40 cutter just to have one piece of 3 mm plywood cut.

  1. That certain professional will take on my task with the intent of completing it and will complete it as agreed.
  2. That certain professional will tell me they can’t or won’t do it and they don’t have to give me reasons as long as they tell me this right away.

The wolf has a thick neck because they do their shit on their own.

It was the moment of truth!

Z:U pieces are ridiculously detailed and great looking just the way they came out.



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Pornstache Productions

Solo-dev-obscene-mothefucker-one-man-army. Creator of Deep Space Noir adventure game, Zenith:Unknown board game and a metric shitton of popular media.